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Our Ministries

Summer Camp

Eastwood Bible Church wholeheartedly supports Camp Evangel.Some of the opportunities to serve at camp are cooks, counselors, and staff. Camp Evangel is run by Brian and Tabitha Tegeler (pastor's daughter).

The camp offers: 

  • Two weeks of junior camp

  • Two weeks of teen camp

  • Spring and Fall  retreats for juniors and teens

  • Ladies retreat



Matthew 19:14

The kid's ministry is very important to the people of Eastwood. The children are the future. The children's ministry isn't just daycare. It's a place where kids can grow spiritually, where they can come to know Jesus as their Savior, and where they can understand the real world applications of Christianity, love, and a desire to serve others. Our classes transition easily from Pre-K to  teen. Our curriculum is more than just Bible stories. We demonstrate how these stories relate to every day life.

Tropical Wedding



Titus 2:1-5

Our women's ministry is lead by Joy Smith. Joy is our pastor's wife. She is the mother of 5 and the grandmother of many. She has been involved in Christian education for over 25 years. Some highlights of our ladies group are annual ladies retreat, tea parties, Christmas Joy Bags, game night, dinners, local activities, and outreach. Our goals for the ladies ministry are to help women grow in their relationship with Christ, encourage and bear one another's burdens, and give opportunities to serve others.

Marriage Preparation

I Corinthians 13:4-8

At Eastwood we seek to build strong marriages and spiritual families. An important ingredient to marriage is good character. Marriage has its ups and downs and you are going to run into some major problems along the way. You want to make sure you can work together in the day to day decisions with a person who won't quit and run at the first sign of trouble. The pastor offers pre-marital counseling and biblical teaching for the family.

Pastoral Support

The primary responsibility of a pastor (or under shepherd) is reaching the lost and leading the flock (church) that the Lord has given him to lead. Pastor Smith seeks to care and support people in their joyous moments as well as their pain, suffering, and times of confusion. In his 40+ years of ministry he has supported people through some of life's most challenging and rewarding times. 

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